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    Bigger, Better, Bolder: 5 Tips for Decorating Your Walls

    Bigger, Better, Bolder: 5 Tips for Decorating Your Walls

    When you walk into a living or a work space, the walls—and what they tell you about a space—are the first thing you’ll notice. Walls covered in funky foiled wallpaper from the 70s could conjure feelings of Aunt Meryl’s favorite disco-fabulous dress, while sterile white walls could trigger memories of the agonizing wait in a dentist’s office.

    Stories told by the walls of our home and work spaces reflect who we are now and where we want to go. We can artfully dress our walls to enhance the emotions and tone we want to extend to into the world with no Feng Shui master or interior decorator needed. Just follow these five guidelines to bring your walls to life. 

    Function Meets Art

    In small spaces, walls can double as backdrops for both art and storage space. Instead of stacking your favorite books on the floor or utilizing a bulky bookshelf, choose a tiered, backless set of shelves like the Contemporary “X” Bookcase or Exhibiting Modern Ladder Bookcase. Shelves such as these serve as stackable space for your favorite books, knickknacks, fresh flowers, and tasteful bowls—all on display as conversation starters instead of stuffed in a junk drawer.

    Repurpose Floor Space

    A radical way to dress up a wall, tie a room together, and add some texture (as well as bonus soundproofing) is to hang up your favorite rug. The Tangier Rug is a perfect confluence of warm and cool tones, promoting a soothing, restful feel to a bedroom or living room. Additionally, tapestries create a lively backdrop and are easy to change depending on your mood.

    Make it Bigger

    Declutter space by choosing seating that doubles as storage. Items normally hung on a wall—scarves, hats, jackets, and towels—can live in the comfort of a bench, freeing up coveted space. Make your room appear larger by adding a mirror. The Savona Round Mirror, placed at eye level over the versatile Wengate Split Seat Storage Bench, is the perfect pairing to put the “fun” in functional.

    Make a Statement

    Statement walls can pull eyes to a specific part of a room and will give an open-concept room more depth. If you have a space sectioned into areas for work and play, choosing to paint one wall with a shade of your favorite color can create a feeling of distinction between the two areas. If your furniture is on the simple side, there are wallpaper decals with trendy prints that can turn your wall into a fantastic party.

    Make it You

    Our walls tell a story without saying a word. The colors we choose to paint reflect the mood we want to cultivate alone or with company. The books and trinkets we have on display should be items that evoke fond memories of where we have been and how we want to grow. Updating walls to match your current mood and style is easier and cheaper than Aunt Meryl’s favorite disco dress. And it’s definitely more inspiring than a dentist’s waiting room.

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    In Full Bloom: 10 Tips for Decorating with Flowers

    In Full Bloom: 10 Tips for Decorating with Flowers

    Humans are happiest when surrounded by nature. Dotting your home with wood finishes and stone inlays brings in elements of the outdoors, but nothing springs your home to life like decorating with flowers.

    Here are ten creative ways to freshen up your space with living ingredients.

    Unique Vases

    Think outside the vase. Instead of going for a run-of-the-mill flower vessel, get imaginative with a unique container, one that can handle flowers and water and/or soil. Try your favorite wine bottle, a custom-painted glass bottle, tin cans, old bowls, or even a rubber boot by an entryway.

    This Chic Bamboo Vase is worth a look-see.

    Perpetuity with Perennials

    Fresh flowers from the local farmers market can fill your space with tantalizing smells and an outdoor ambiance for about a week. But a hardy perennial not only looks great—they’ll last as long as your diligent green thumb does.

    Contrast with Color

    What pops out against white bathroom tile? What colors will create a harmonious balance in your kitchen, calming you as you mow through piles of dishes? Study your surroundings and strategize appropriately with a specific floral palette.

    Space it Out

    When arranging a bouquet, separate larger buds with leaves and sprinkle greens between flowers instead of piling them all together. Frame your flowers attractively to showcase the main event by having some greenery draping off the vase. Have a fan of leaves enclosing the blossoms from behind.

    It’s Alive... Again!

    Have a bouquet that’s on its last leg? Wilting flowers can spring back to life in a number of ways but changing direction is more fun. Remove the stems from the buds, fill your favorite big bowl nearly to the brim with water, and let each bud float atop the water. Watch as the buds happily extend their lives for a few more days.

    Scrumptious Succulents

    For those who aren’t the best flower moms and dads, succulents are your answer. Create a living wall, alternate pot colors, or simply litter your home with these hearty little guys. Make a visible succulent garden by layering rocks, moss, potting charcoal, and soil in clear mason jars, and plant your succulent on top. Repeat 20 times and spread across your home.

    Paper Flowers

    What if you want to enliven your home with flowers but are even killing your succulents? If standard artificial flowers don’t excite you, here’s a new craze to get behind as well as a fun project to dive into: paper flowers. From paper spider mums to roses, check out this tutorial to get your design ideas flowing.

    Food Coloring for Painted Water

    Clear vases aren’t just for holding boring ol’ water and a few flowers. Add a few drops of food coloring to a clear vase for themed parties or to liven up a dull countertop. Mix up colors with multiple vases or match water colors to the color of your flowers.

    Plant Hangers

    Pots sprouting from your floors can infuse your space with a foresty feel. But what about plants hanging from your ceiling? Adding hanging plants to an interior adds new layers, breaking up your space with living features. 

    Be Vivid With Vintage

    Vintage décor brings a timeless atmosphere into the folds of your rooms. Get crafty, mixing flowers with vintage holders—old tin cans, wooden crates, rustic planters—even an old birdcage can be used to house part of your interior garden.

    About the Author