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    3PCS Kitchen Storage Bins Utility Cereals/Snacks Storage Canisters, Orange

    Product Overview


    Ships from Hong Kong. Made of high quality PP material, this canister is designed to keep food fresher for longer time. It can storage fruits, candy, dried fruits, nuts, biscuits and cereals. Flexible lid is perfect for pouring out cereals and snacks. Environmental, health, beautiful and practical canister makes it easy to keep your dry foods fresh and your kitchen organized. Sold together of three size. The large one is 18*22cm( 2.9L ), the medium size is 16*19.5cm( 2L ) and the small one is 15*15cm ( 1.25L). Made of plastic. Size: large, medium and small. Help to keep food fresher for longer time. Storage fruits, candy, dried fruits, nuts, biscuits, cereals and so on. A good food storage canister.