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    MyPillow® – The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow™

    Product Overview


    MyPillow® — The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow™ —  is changing the way people sleep. Crafted with a patented interlocking fill, MyPillow® offers an exquisite sleeping experience because it adjusts to your every need while sleeping. Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, MyPillow® will give you restful sleep all night, leaving you refreshed and ready-to-go when you wake up in the morning. Unlike those too-hard memory foam pillows or too-soft down pillows, MyPillow® offers you the perfect balance, making it a bedtime essential no matter where or how you sleep.

    Why is contented sleep so important?

    Sleep is crucial to our health and well-being. Sleeping is necessary to heal and repair our hearts and blood vessels, maintain healthy brain function, and provide emotional well-being. Often, people who suffer from poor sleeping habits and sleep deprivation have an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney disease. Lack of sleep can even lead to diabetes and stroke.

    Having the perfect pillow doesn’t just give you a good night’s sleep. It also supports your neck and upper back to properly align your spine throughout the night. And while MyPillow® won’t cure insomnia or realign your spine, it does provide a better, more comfortable sleep experience that may help you to rest more soundly and wake up feeling extra refreshed. When you rise and shine feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, you’re going to be more productive throughout the day.

    Find the Perfect Size to Accent Your Bed

    MyPillow® is available in whatever size you need, whether standard/queen or king size. The standard/queen pillow (28” long x 18.5” wide) lets two pillows easily fit side by side on a full size or queen size mattress. The king size pillow (34” long x 18.5” wide) offers a bit more length so that two king size pillows fit side by side on a standard king size mattress. 

    Your preferred pillow sizes, whether standard/queen or king size, are available in firm and medium fills and are of exceptional quality. MyPillow® is constructed with a patented three-piece interlocking fill that cradles the head and neck, providing you complete support. MyPillow® also offers refreshing comfort to keep your head cool throughout the night. While these pillows are full, soft and fluffy and look fantastic on any bed, their real value is in the comfort they provide. Whether you sleep with a down pillow or a memory foam pillow, MyPillow® adjusts to meet your customized needs, making it more comfortable than anything you’ve ever slept on before.

    Choose a One-and-Only Fill to fit Your Special Needs

    You can choose MyPillow® in either medium or firm fill, and it’s easy to determine which fill is right for you. The medium fill option is sized to accommodate women who wear t-shirts in M or L sizes as well as men and boys who wear t-shirts in S or M sizes. The medium fill provides just the right height that most people of this size require to keep their neck and shoulders supported properly throughout the night.

    The firm fill is for larger people. With a bit more loft, its depth accommodates broader shoulders and longer necks, and it offers just the right amount of comfort for side sleepers. Men who wear t-shirts in sizes L or XL, and women who wear t-shirts in XL or XXL sizes, will find this pillow the most comfortable.

    Wash and Dry Your MyPillow®­ with Ease

    A distinguishing feature of MyPillow® is effortless cleaning. This feature makes MyPillow®  a favorite among people with allergies. Generally, experts recommend washing your pillows about every four months. If you suffer from allergies, however, you may want to clean them more frequently. That’s no problem with the MyPillow® brand because you can wash your pillows as often as you want!

    Wash your MyPillow® in cold or warm water on the regular cycle with any detergent. Be careful, though—don’t add fabric softener or dryer balls to any sequence because this could compromise the integrity of the pillow’s soft fabric covering and fill, thereby accelerating its deterioration.

    For front-loading washing machines, wash your pillow with a full load of laundry. For traditional top-loading machines, it’s best to wash two pillows together to balance the spin basket that holds your items inside. Do you need to wash only one pillow? No problem! Just add towels to balance out the interior spin basket.

    To speed up the drying process, you can run an extra spin cycle in the wash. Once you’ve washed your pillow, tumble dry it on high heat. If you leave your pillow in the dryer past the point that it is dry, don’t worry—you can’t overdry  your MyPillow®!

    Enjoy a 10-Year Warranty with MyPillow®

    Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, MyPillow® guarantees that your pillow will remain like new for 10 years. As long as you follow the recommended care instructions, the warranty covers any pillow, no matter how many times you wash or dry it. The warranty is on the pillow’s workmanship and materials, and it guarantees replacement with a pillow of equal or greater value in the event of a covered problem. In addition, MyPillow® will cover all shipping charges involved in the replacement of your pillow.

    Proudly Own a Pillow Made in the U.S.A.

    With your ultimate comfort in mind, each MyPillow® is carefully crafted in the great state of Minnesota. MyPillow, Inc., employs over 1,500 hard-working Americans dedicated to providing you with a pillow that meets your every need.

    As the popularity and demand for MyPillow® have grown, the company’s manufacturing operations have moved and expanded to supply that ever-increasing demand. To date, the company has sold more than 25 million pillows, giving people around the world the incredible gift of a contented night’s sleep.

    MyPillow®: The Cozy Perfect Pillow for Your Bedroom

    Whether you sleep in an elegant master suite or a small studio apartment, MyPillow® offers you an impeccable fit, letting you enjoy a self-adjusting fill design available in both standard/queen and king sizes. Place a MyPillow® in your guest bedroom, and your overnight guests—whether family or friends—will no doubt want to spend an extra night. 

    No matter your sleeping style, size or preference, MyPillow® offers a variety of options customized to suit you. Every pillow adjusts to your body, keeps your head cool throughout the night, and aligns your neck and spine so that you wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested each morning. Whether you’re a side sleeper or back sleeper looking for a better way to sleep, MyPillow® is for you. Machine washable and machine dryable for easy cleaning, MyPillow® is quickly becoming the nighttime favorite in households throughout America.

    The Story of MyPillow®

    Before creating MyPillow®, inventor Mike Lindell was just one of many guys who had trouble sleeping. After continuously tossing and turning throughout the night with a hot pillow and waking in the morning with a sore arm and stiff neck, he decided to create The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow™. Mike started his business by selling his pillows at a kiosk, then moved on to selling his invention at home and garden shows. He eventually created a TV infomercial to get the word out about his incredible pillows and to help more people find restful sleep at last.

    Mike funded his infomercial by pooling money from his family and friends, and with the help of some radio promotions and newspaper reviews, his company enjoyed rapid growth and consistent expansion. One day he had 10 employees. Incredibly, 40 days later, over 500 people were working in his Minnesota manufacturing facilities.

    But the true success of MyPillow® didn’t come from advertising or national radio spots — it came from good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth references. As people bought Mike’s pillows and finally began experiencing serene sleep, they told their family members, coworkers, and friends. Today, Mike’s company has sold more than 25 million MyPillow® pillows. Talk to anyone who owns a MyPillow®, and you’re sure to hear a rave review, prompting you to buy one and experience it for yourself.



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