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    Qolture, a leader in the online furnishing industry, has introduced a new way to kick those feet up and relax – the foot hammock. Growing in popularity, the foot hammock allows the feet to rest at an angle that relieves tension in the back.


    A Qolture company spokesperson commented, “We saw this amazing innovation and decided we had to offer it to our customers. We wanted them to have a chance to make their workspace relaxing and more inviting.” Besides adding an element of comfort to the office, the foot hammock aids circulation, takes pressure off the feet and legs and keeps the body in the ideal position for back relief.


    The foot hammock is made with a durable, yet soft cotton blend material and includes adjustable ropes and hook rings. The ropes can be pulled to raise or lower the hammock and the hook rings fit virtually any desk, table or other surface. The uncomplicated design allows for easy setup and disassembling, making it a breeze to take anywhere. It also comes in a variety of colors to complement any modern décor.


    The simple, yet clever, foot hammock is perfect for either a work or home office and doesn’t require much effort to operate. A product demo video is posted on Qolture’s website and details the foot hammock’s many benefits and demonstrates how easy it is to install.


    About Qolture


    "As one of the Internet’s preeminent retailers of modern furniture, Qolture stands alone among its peers. Worry-free shopping and delivery mean Qolture’s curated collection of home furnishings is only ever a click away.


     Selected from among the most sophisticated and elegant designers in the world, Qolture offers products that add flavor to any room in the house, from statement-makers to accent pieces for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or patio. The inventory is always changing as new and unique pieces are found, and the active listings on the website reflect current availability.


    Qolture’s expert home decor consultants hand-curate each piece of furniture in the online showroom. The aim is to select pieces that work with a variety of decorating choices, upscale or classic, and to go one step further, curating individual collections to outfit entire rooms, homes, or apartments".